About Us

Digital Ads International specialises in the modern application of old-school prepress knowledge and techniques, and providing leading-edge web-based applications to help advertisers correctly deliver their press-ready material to print publishers. Our mission is to work directly with our advertising clients to ensure that all print-bound material delivered through our facilities will be delivered to publication on time and print properly.

Our Products


Our purpose-built product that allows advertisers to upload material directly to any Nine Publishing publication from their web browser. It does not require users to sign up or join in order to use the service. Every ad uploaded via SENDlite by you is thoroughly flight-checked, and an indicative soft proof is rendered from final material and sent back to you, the user. Finally, the file is forwarded directly to Nine Publishing for publication and monitored for acceptance. If any issues occur with your material, we contact you via your supplied email address or phone number and offer assistance.


Employing a standard web browser interface the premium SEND service allows seamless transfer of material to your chosen destinations without the need for specialised tools or software. If you can browse the Internet, then you're on-line to every print title in Australia, New Zealand and most of the world, via a totally secure web environment. Our service receives your file and experienced staff double-flight-check it for mechanical accuracy prior to despatching it to the chosen destination. Digital Ads International employs personnel that have a combined total of over 40 years of electronic advertising dispatch experience, making your jobs just that much easier and your material more secure. We have been in this business from the start.


If you have a your selected images, logos and copy ready to go, but don't have time or the equipment to create your own advertising - let us do it for you! BUILDlite is a web-based tool that is connected to the Nine Publishing booking system and lets you create an electronic "job bag" in to which you upload all of your components You can also give us an idea of what's in your head by providing a brief. From here we go ahead and produce unique artwork for you and provide soft proofs for you along the way. At completion we transmit the finished material to the publishers you nominate. Go to https://www.buildlite.net to start.